Evangelos Giovanis

George Giovanis






The Giovanis brothers (Evangelos & George) proudly grew up in the family restaurant business but were never accepted to film schools. With ambition that defied that kind of inspiration - they decided to start shooting independent films and learn on the job.


In 2006, their feature film "Land of Nod" was shot on a micro budget offering an uncompromising look at the

AIDS epidemic and was awarded the Digital Alexander Award, along with a $20,000 cash prize - for best feature at the

Thessaloniki International Film Festival in 2006. Critics hailed the directing effort and likened their talent to that of a

young Martin Scorsese and John Cassavetes.


In 2008, the Giovanis brothers shot their feature film "Run It" with yet again a micro budget. The action-drama

focuses on the tale of two thugs, a substitute teacher, and a young student who get tangled up in a day of violent crimes.

It premiered at Philafilm and picked up the Gold Award for best feature. It continued its festival run and accolades

with an honorable mention at the Canada International Film Festival, a Gold Kahuna Award at the Honolulu

International film Festival and a Bronze Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival. The film had a

theatrical run in NYC for a week in 2013.


In 2011, the Giovanis brothers received a special thank you on the prominent film Detachment, starring Oscar Winner

Adrian Brody.


Evangelos Giovanis co-wrote a script called Beg The Devil which is in Pre-Pro with Sony for 2015.

The Giovanis brothers are also pitching several reality TV shows and Evangelos Giovanis is currently writing several scripts that the brothers intend to produce in the coming years.


The Giovanis brothers also work in teaching boxers how to fight. In 2014 they produced an Adidas National Champion. They currently reside in Los Angeles.